Play for All Abilities Park

Over time, members of the the Rotary Club of Round Rock Sunrise began to identify the need for a play area for children with specialist needs in the Round Rock area through the work it was doing with the local community. Back in 2008, the club and its champion Marge Tripp, approached Round Rock City Council to see what could be done to address this need. Very soon we realized that the city had also identified the need; although the ideas were still in the formative stages. This was the beginning of a great partnership that would bring together local civic and professional organizations, partnering with the city to create not only a space for children with specialist needs, but an area that would allow children of all abilities to play and learn.

Further information about the park, its history and the progress we are making

While the funding for the basic park is complete and open for all to enjoy, our work there is far from being so. We are still looking to raise funds to make the park even more amazing and this is where you can help. Join us for the 2018 Round Rock Rotary Reindeer Run (5R5K) where money raised will go to help maintain, improve and expand this great park, as well as supporting other Rotary Club Projects

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